Full Service

Full Service

Initial Consultation: We will meet or have a Zoom meeting to go over your vision for your event, advise on color, theme, decor', budget and the planning processes. We will help you with all aspects of planning your event and can provide you with qualified references and vendors.

Organizer & Checklist (for Weddings): You will receive a binder that has a planning timeline, so you know what we will be working on and what is next. The binder is a great tool to keep you on track and organized. A must have for every couple planning a wedding.

Recommend & help find Venue: We will help you find a venue that fits your needs and budget. We can also schedule appointments with venues for you as well as get pricing.

Recommend & help find Vendors

We will help you find all the vendors needed for your wedding day. Working with great vendors is key to having a smooth day. We can also schedule appointments with vendors for you as well as get pricing.


Coordination beginning the day you sign the contract. This gives you the ability to call, text, email and even Zoom call with us if needed from the day you sign the contract. We will be planning and assisting you every step of the way.

Confirm & Work with Vendors: We work with the vendors to insure they are prepared for your event. On the day of your event, we are at the venue before any of the vendors arrive, so that we can assist them as needed and check in deliveries. We continue to assist vendors to make sure everything is running smoothly and on schedule. This allows you and your family to enjoy the day and not have to worry about any concerns that may come up.

Day of Timeline: We will prepare a timeline based on how you want the day to go and forward to all of your vendors ahead of time. This way if they have any questions or concerns, they are addressed early.

For Weddings - Rehearsal Coordination: During Rehearsal Coordination, we will go over the ceremony process from processional to ceremony and then recessional. We want to make sure everyone is comfortable with when to walk, how to walk and even where to stand. Our goal is that on your wedding day everyone knows what to do and where to be and the ceremony runs as smooth as possible.

Event Day: On the day of the event, We will arrive before your vendors to make sure they know where to set up and answer any questions they have. We work with all of the vendors throughout the day to make sure everything is running smoothly and take care of any concerns that may arise. We will check in any deliveries that are scheduled and make sure everything is how you envision. 10 service hours are included for the event day. If day of services exceeds 10 hours and/or after 10:00 pm, an hourly compensation will be added. Hotel accommodations must also be provided if services are needed after 10:00 pm.