Reviews & Love Notes

We got married October 8, 2022; which means that our wedding week was the week that everything got destroyed during Hurricane Ian. During the most stressful week of my life, we ended up having to replan our wedding in 3 days and pushing our wedding reception back until the end of November. Southern Sweetheart Events was there to help me- EVERY step of the way. They did not bat an eye at changing the date last minute for me, did not ask a single cent from me for changing it, and they completely went to bat for me to ensure that everything got moved without adding additional stress to me as I figured out everything with my car and house. They were without a doubt the glue that held me together that day, and quite honestly, the last few months of 2022. They were timely, caring, and paid attention to every little detail that I could even imagine. Whenever I reached out, they were quick to respond and reassure me, even with the little stuff. I could not have done this without them, and I stand by this 100%. If you are wondering if Southern Sweetheart Events is the right fit, I promise you it is. You will not be disappointed.

  • Megan T.

Having Sothern Sweetheart Events help me with my big day was the best thing I could have ever done! They made every step of my wedding planning and day of coordination such a breeze. Sabrina was always very attentive and professional along with being so down to earth, she was like part of the family! Her and her teams attention to detail in every aspect of my wedding made me so comfortable, and it took the stress off me and into her hands. They made sure I got everything I wanted and needed for my dream wedding and helped me take care of every problem that may have come up, big or small, without hesitation or batting an eye. My day would not have been the same had I not used Southern Sweetheart Events!

  • Alexa Y.

Southern Sweetheart Events was simply amazing. Super attentive. Had great ideas! Was able to help us decide when needed. Was always available to us. Very well networked to help us fulfill every part of the wedding and loved all the vendors recommended from caterer, florist, tent, everything!!! Want to get married again so we can use Southern Sweetheart Events again! They were delightful!!!

  • Cindy W.

Southern Sweetheart Events was awesome to work with. They did such a great job organizing our big day. They were so helpful in finding the venue and vendors. since we are an out of state couple and they made sure we were involved with every decision. Our day could not have went any smoother. Highly recommend!

  • AnnMarie M.

We hired Southern Sweetheart Events as our day of coordinator and they truly went above and beyond. From making us both feel relaxed, prepared, and comfortable to helping put the finishing touches on our arch and centerpieces…they did it all. I could not recommend them enough! If you are on the fence about a planner or even a day of coordinator, I say go for it! You won’t regret it, especially if you choose Southern Sweetheart Events! Thank you for making our day so freaking special and perfect.

  • Tiahna F.

My wife and I are so thrilled to have found Southern Sweetheart Events to help us manage all of the details of our big day this past month. They went way above and beyond for us and we truly feel they made a significant difference in our perfect wedding day! When you hear of couples that need someone to help unload all the details off their shoulders on their big day, that is the true definition of what Southern Sweetheart Events did for us and we are more than grateful to them. Some big items I know couples will look for that Southern Sweetheart over delivers on are: Clear Communication (Prior and Day of) – When our wedding day was postponed due to a Hurricane, Southern Sweetheart team stepped in immediately to help us reach out to all of our vendors to have them hold everything and to be on standby for a new date. This same high level of communication carried through to the end of our Wedding when we knew and trusted everything was in great hands with the Southern Sweetheart Team and any question we had they were prompt to answer. Organized – They created a personalized schedule for us based on our vision, the vendors being utilized, and the other factors of the wedding that all had to come together to create one seamless event. There are many items we never thought of prior that they helped bring to light to us in our planning calls. Detail Oriented – Everything was where it needed to be, how it needed to be setup, and looked better than we could have imagined. Leader – Helped keep everyone on track the day of and even when we were running slightly behind because of some late guests, they still kept everything on track and helped us (the Bride and Groom) have some extra time to ourselves with our bridal party to just relax and have fun…we actually made it to part of the Cocktail Hour which is a big win for a day this big and busy! Overall, if you are in the Tampa Bay region with a Wedding or Event coming, I highly recommend the Southern Sweetheart Events team to be one of your first calls! We could not have asked for a better team there truly supporting us.

  • Taylor M.

Southern Sweetheart Events was the most vital component in getting my big day all together! I had ideas but they married them together to create my vision. Not only did they help secure vendors and provide me with a planner to stay organized, they were the day of coordinator. The wedding planning process was easy, because of them and our wedding day was unrivaled because they were there. I continuously recommended Southern Sweetheart to my family members throughout the planning process and even on the day of my wedding. Many of my family members agreed that they are phenomenal and look forward to collaborating with them in the future, as am I!

  • Kathryn P

Southern Sweetheart Events was the best choice we ever made. This review took me a long time to write, only because there wasn’t enough kind words for me to stay about this amazing company and they’re phenomenal skills. We never wanted a wedding to begin with, and we ended up with two; but when Southern Sweetheart was done with our events, we were so glad we did it. They did two weddings, one which was an ethnic wedding which they had never done before…and you know what? They knocked them both out of the park, to the point where all of our family told us how remarkable they were and how much of a good job they did. My planner and coordinator was by our side through all of the ups and downs of planning a wedding. She’s kind, detailed, strong and takes a very mature look at all aspects of the planning process. She went up to bat for us when vendors failed us, and made sure that all boxes were checked on the day of. Our favorite thing about her though, is how honest she is. If something is a bad idea, she’ll be sure to tell you but will also come up with alternatives and ways to make your idea even better. On the big day(s), she did an outstanding job as a day-of coordinator. Even if you couldn’t see her, she was watching and working and doing whatever she had to in order to make the day go as smoothly and be as special for us as it could be. Nothing got past her, and no issue was too big or complicated for her to sort out. We were both seriously impressed by her commitment and capability, and we can’t thank her enough for all she did. At the end of the final day, I held her hand and teared up, asking that we stay in contact even after the wedding, she just had that much of an impact. When I (the bride) first met her, I told her that I hoped to become close with my wedding planner, since this entire process will be emotional and put both of us in a very vulnerable place. She assured me that she forms a strong bond with all of her clients, and I can definitely see why. Hire Southern Sweetheart Events. It’ll be the best choice for your wedding, and for the both of you, that you’ll ever make.

  • Stephanie & Allen S

Southern Sweetheart Events was awesome to work with! They were incredible throughout the planning of the wedding and assisted us through every stage. Their preferred vendors were incredible too! Southern Sweetheart did a great job on the day of the wedding and assisted in every aspect of our special day! We could have never had the wedding of our dreams without them! We highly recommend that you hire Southern Sweetheart Events for your event planning needs! Thank you so much for making our wedding something we will remember and cherish forever!

  • David F

We are so thankful to Southern Sweetheart Events for their expertise, kindness, and attention to detail that allowed us to truly enjoy our wedding day to the fullest! Their vision helped us DESIGN OUR DREAM!!! We started the wedding planning process determined that despite what people said, we would be fine without wedding planning/coordination help. We met and booked some vendors during the first two months of planning, but then I started feeling completely overwhelmed thinking of how our wedding would come together. I convinced my fiancé (now husband) to at least consider the idea of a coordinator. From my first meeting with Sabrina (who actually met me at our closest Starbucks), these worries all faded and we signed on the spot! We hired Southern Sweetheart Events for wedding coordination and design only 12 months prior to our wedding day; and we received so much support and assistance over those 12 months! From attending décor meetings with us, creating an inspiration board, revising multiple itinerary drafts, vendor referrals, to coordinating the month/week and day of wedding- the Southern Sweetheart team was AMAZING! I could never have imagined the level of responsiveness, enthusiasm, support and patience we would receive. We are so appreciative! I am proud to call Sabrina my friend now and looking forward to having her help me coordinate our baby shower in January! Thank you for everything! Our day would not have been perfect without you and your team!!!

  • Cristina B